Ellipses and bugs

Hello again,

I implemented filled ellipses the sane way by clipping to a stretched
arc path.  Sectors don't work yet though.

I think I'll just implement outlined ellipses by clipping "outside of"
an inner ellipse and then drawing a larger ellipse around it.

I fixed a bug in my server that caused it to incorrectly report that
writes to /dev/draw/n/data had failed.

The client still aborts the connection before trying to draw anything,
as my implementation of the 'n' request to name an image currently
fails.  That should be pretty trivial to fix.

This week I will be cleaning up some sloppiness (draw requests
ignoring inconvenient parameters), and fixing up bugs in the draw(3)
interface until a simple client using the draw(2) library can connect
and draw a line.

-- David