Catclock works!

Catclock works!

What doesn't work:
- cons and mouse input
- image unloading (r request)
- arbitrarily-masked drawing
- window-management requests o and t

Many of the functions have bugs; for example, when drawing an outlined
polygon, the source image will not be aligned correctly.

There are also assorted /* XXX This is a dirty hack. */ comments
throughout the codebase.

This week, I will fix up masked drawing, the buggy draw operations and
the XXX comments.  I will also try to rework the server side to create
its own namespace and start a graphical program autonomously, rather
than having to mount it and manually run commands.

Finally, I will write up how to build and run this thing.

Unfortunately, I do not expect to get Rio running before the end of
the week.  Apart from the unimplemented window management functions,
some parts of the code will likely misbehave when confronted with
multiple clients.  The 9p server itself won't have any trouble, but,
higher up, the sharing of screens and images between clients is not
implemented correctly.

-- David