[gsoc] webdraw - wrapping up

From: David Hoskin <root@davidrhoskin.com>
To: plan9-gsoc@googlegroups.com, 9fans@9fans.net
Date: Wed, Aug 20 2014 13:10:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [gsoc] webdraw - wrapping up

Hi everyone,
I wound up spending way more time than I had predicted on the
graphical side of the project, to the exclusion of all the other

Rio with the new memlayer is mostly working.  Windows can be reshuffled
to the front, and drawing on partially-obscured windows works

Acme windows do not work correctly; I believe this is because of a bug
in attaching to ``named screens''.  The root window is also not
repainted correctly, but all other windows are, so that will be a
simple fix.

I'm currently fighting a bug where the window order is corrupted when
a window is hidden, but I've almost got it licked.

I hope to have these bugs fixed soon, and then I'll start working on
some of the features I had planned to complete this summer :).

-- David